Facing Opposition


Have you ever noticed that often when a person tries to do something different they face unbelievable opposition?

I come from a land that praises and encourages individuality, where people are allowed and encouraged to be unique and to live unique lives.

Of course there are role models or we observe the success of others to encourage ourselves but we try to do things in our lives that speak of our individuality and who we are.

I have noticed that often those who know me seem to forget that I come from a different culture, therefore my expectations in life are different to those of other people and my way of living my life is also different.

I found that in some countries in Europe people are expected to fit in with the rest and do things in the same way as others. If we don´t fit in then we find great opposition.

Today I want to encourage us all to be ourselves, to seek to be an individual and to live a unique life that fits and suits us!

Opposition can be really discouraging.

Suppose you have decided to choose a career path that is different to most, those that don´t understand your choice tend to speak against your career choices and make discouraging comments.

If you have chosen to do a unique job that takes you on a career path that is different to the majority of the population and you are sure that this is the right way for you then you need to learn to use opposition in a positive way.

Behind every negative remark you can build within you a positive answer.

There is no point in using your precious energy discussing or arguing with those that don´t agree with your choices in life. If they have made up their mind that your choices are wrong you will spend precious time and energy trying to change their minds, instead of using this energy to achieve your goals and be successful.

Pick your battles. Be yourself. Keep your eyes on your goal. Close your ears to those that try to discourage you without understanding what you are doing or having your best interests at heart.

Of course it is important to hear those that have your best interests at heart, but the final decision has to be yours. Not everyone has to agree with your choices in life, but people should respect your choices and your individuality.

Always doing what others want of you ends up stealing your freedom to be yourself and lead a unique life.

The road to success can be a very long one if you are not focussing your energy on your goals.

Finally, to face opposition you have to be really strong. Ask yourself if you are strong enough to withstand opposition and prepare yourself on how to deal with it. Be honest with yourself, is what they are saying to you correct? Are they speaking out of concern? If so how can you use their comments to turn a negative into a positive.

Be encouraged! there is always a positive solution to every negative situation!

Don´t stay standing at the negatives, turn them into positives. Don´t concentrate on the problems but find solutions by looking at each situation from every possible angle. If something you tried did not work then don´t keep heating your head against the wall! Try a different and new approach to the situation.

Wishing us success in the unique paths we choose for our lives and careers!

Beatriz & Mohammed

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