Recognising True Friendship

Our friends came over a few days ago to visit us. We hadn´t seen them for a while. We laughed, we talked about many things, we went shopping together, BBQed together and ate together. We played on the X Box also and listened to music we all like and we danced together. Mohammed did some crazy dancing and made us laugh some more.

But the important thing about tonight was the “togetherness”. We had a lot of fun.

I write all of these things, to say how nice it is to have good people in your life, they make the difference.

It is important to find the right friends and once you find them take care of those friendships that make a positive difference in your life. Try to choose good people and let go of those that do not bring anything positive but cause you to be unhappy or put you down all the time.

Celebrate the good friendships and continue to build them up.

Finding good friends can take a long time. To build a strong friendship that stays with you for the rest of your life takes time too. To have close friends that know you well and you know well is very valuable in life.

True friends are not those that just agree with everything you say and do. True friends sometimes tell you the ugly truth too. They disagree with you without hurting you and in a way that builds you up, not in a way that leaves you broken.

Real friends take time to listen to you. They invest their time and energy into the friendship and are by your side when things are good but also when things are bad. True friends don´t try to push you into making decisions you are not ready to make but help you to analyse every situation until you alone are ready to do what you need to do.

Emotional blackmail and control are not part of a true friendship. There will be times in life when you are not feeling strong, then true friends try to build up your strength and are by your side when you can´t keep going alone.

Such friends are more valuable than treasure. Maybe you have been lucky enough to find such friends and are going through a difficult time in your friendship. Be encouraged that friendships also go through hard times, important is to know the difference. Is this a friendship that builds you up and makes a positive difference to your life?

Are you making a positive difference in their lives? What can you do to make a difference in this friendship?

Recognising the positive attributes of your friends and knowing their value in your life will help you resolve any difficulties.

Be encouraged to focus on your true friends and the friendships that you value.

Beatriz and Mohammed

(All content and photos are the property of Mohammed Al Ali and Beatriz Custodio.

© 2018 Beatriz Custodio and Mohammed Al Ali)

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