Focusing on creating my own world

Time goes by and the day slips away but we are on the same things. 

I tell myself what I want to do the next day and write it down. I ask myself so many questions and I create my own world with my dreams and hopes. I think we all do that.

But when something goes wrong we get sad and discouraged. Sometimes people hurt us but we don´t talk about it. We hold the pain inside us and struggle to continue forwards to build a better life.

I want to share with you what I have learned.

Letting go of the hurt and the pain helps us to move forward into the future and a better life.

Don´t give up, you know yourself that you are strong. Don´t let a set back discourage you and stop you in your way to achieving a better life.

Focus on your future and on your plans. Focus on making your dreams come true. You know that you can do a lot of things in your life. You are better than the set backs, you are clever. Don´t let other people push you down.

Tell yourself that you are strong and are going to become stronger. You will reach your goals and make your dreams into reality. Don´t loose sight of your goals, dreams and the life that you want to build. Your life will be a better life than it is today.

Start building your new and better life today.

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