Never Give Up

So you have encountered difficulties in your path?

What was that someone once said to me? “If at first you don´t succeed, try and try and try again!”

Giving up at the first difficulty does not lead to success. If you are looking for a new job and got rejected then apply again to a different company, consider first what you can change on how your application is presented.

When looking for a new job it is really important to highlight the positive things that you have achieved. In order to do that you need to be able to think about yourself in a positive way. Exactly that, which you think is not so important might be just what your future employer is looking for.

If you had a set back at home or in your friendships, then try again! True friends are those that stand by you in spite of difference of opinion. You might disagree on a point but if your friendship is a true one, then differences of opinion should not be the end of a friendship. This world would be very boring if we all thought in the same way!

Having friends who think differently to us and live in a different way, enriches our lives as long as we learn from each other and allow each person in our lives to be contributor to our personal growth.

When it comes to family… Well, who didn´t ever disagree with someone in their family?

But the family bond should not be the whether we agree on everything but the love that we have for one another. Loving one another deeply should be the unbreakable bond that unites us with our family members, no matter what.

When we truly love we respect each other´s way of living, because the love we feel for the other person is greater than the mistakes or differences between us.

Treasure your family, forgive, reunite with those you love and love you, in acceptance of each other, without judging. Simply love each other and all else falls into place.

Living in a land far away from my own and far away from my family, I have come to know how
important each person in my family is to me, how precious the good memories are, how precious too are the phone calls and the video calls that we hold with each other. I miss my family and wish I could just go home for a coffee and a chat.

When did you last call your mum or your dad?

When did you last chat to your brother or sister?

When did you last go home for the weekend and sat around in your pyjamas all day, just talking and eating and laughing?

Don´t leave it until it is too late. Family is not just for Christmas!

Never give up on the most precious relationships in your life.

Never give up on trying to build a better life for yourself and your loved ones.

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