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This is a motivational blog to encourage readers to build a happy, successful and meaningful life.

Aimed at a growing group of international readers who search for answers to situations they find themselves in and ideas on how to deal with life´s challanges, from everyday life to the big decisions we all face.

Writing from our own life experiences and a heart for people, with an aim to encourage other´s in their personal pursue of happiness, success in their private lives and professional lives, we started this blog to reach an international community of people who for one reason or another wish to start again in life or have just started a new stage in their lives.

A new country, a new city, a new home, a new job, a new family or a new relationship, all come with their own set of challenges, we encourage you to not give up and to find a positive solution to every situation.

What qualifies us to write about this?

Mohammed is an Arab from the Bedouin Tribe. His family came originally from Saudi Arabia.

He still remembers the stories told when he was a child about his family’s journey from Saudi Arabia to their new land, with all the family members walking one behind the other, the women and children, not just the men, carrying all their belongings on camel back.

Maybe that is why he can not settle down completely. Maybe that is why he is always feeling he has to go somewhere. That, and the escape for his life out of the war zone.

I think that the nomad genes in him are still very strong and I admire in him his will power to stay grounded in his new life here in Germany.

Building a new life has not been easy for him. Learning a new language, a new way of writing and a new way of life has been a huge challenge to him.

At times, the pain from all he lived overwhelms him and he stops moving forward but then after a while he steps up again, stronger than before to pursue his dreams.

He misses his family, his home, the traditional foods from his land. The familiar smells and sounds and colours of a land that is now unreachable to him.

He has mixed feelings about his home land. There is the longing for the life he once lived. The good memories that make him laugh and fill his heart with joy. The need for his family and their traditions that make him sad. And the desperation inside of him because of all he lived and experienced in the war.

He longs to go home but his home is not there any more. Not as he knew it.

He is a Muslim. But not like others. And nothing like what people told me about a Muslim man.

He makes me laugh a lot. Sometimes I tell him he is more complicated than a woman.

He does not live according to other people’s expectations of him.

This war, his escape and the journey into a new life, made him lose himself. He has found it hard to establish his new identity. He watches and learns. He listens and decides.

He is now cementing a new life, getting to know himself again, he strives to be the person God made him to be. He has an incredible faith and I admire him for it.

In just a short period of time he has achieved what other people need a life time to do. His English has improved tremendously, he has learned German, since arriving in Germany he has worked in three different places learning a lot in the workplace and about the german culture.

He has completed a German College qualification as a Paramedic´s helper because we could not obtain his certificates from the qualification he achieved in Syria until quite recently. He is a qualified paramedic who worked in the emergency services in the war as part of the first response team when there was a bombing or an attack on his city.

He now works on an Ambulance again, this time transporting seriously ill and terminally ill patients. He talks with them and makes them laugh, he is warm and kind and gentle to these people at the end of their lives. He can not watch suffering without trying to help.

He has received fantastic references for his professional work. However he strives for more because he wishes to help his family and other people. 

What about me?

I, Beatriz, come from a mostly Italian family, born in Uruguay, I have lived in the UK and in Germany most of my life.

I left my country when I was too young. Moved across the Atlantic 4 times and have lived in too many places to count them!

I studied Psychology and Criminal Law in my country. I then changed my career to become a Florist and worked mostly doing wedding flowers. At one point I went back to my country for a while and studied Theology. I worked also for churches and was running a successful international ministry when my life suddenly completely changed. I now work with disabled children in an educational setting.

I have three children that I love and admire. I am so proud of them.

I am no stranger to hard endings and starting from 0 again. I can well understand and identify with those facing the challenges of a new beginning, the pain of loosing it all in life or having to give it up to save my own life in more ways than one!

Building a new life is certainly no easy task, specially when everyone one knows is opposed to it or negative about it. Finding the strength in oneself is the key to success. And for us personally our faiths play a huge role in our ability to keep going, building and succeding.

We have both lived that and together bring a large amount of experiences that are the basis for this blog.

We have together written a book that should be published really soon. We write two blogs and have grounded a fashion business: https://betterlife.fashion

Together we challenges people´s pre-conceived ideas that a Muslim and a Christian can not possibly make it. Not only do we come from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, we have different religions and there are a few years between us. However we are business partners, best friends and life partners.

Living in a country where 1 out of every 3 women are married to a man younger than themselves (statistics 2017) and where people think that Emmanuel Macron and his Brigitte are romantic and wonderful, we fit in really well.

We hope that you find our blog encouraging and building to you personally. We look forward to hearing from you and updating you on our blog posts.

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Finally, we wish for you a successful and happy life and that you find that which you are searching for,

Beatriz and Mohammed

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